AMPLIFY (verb):
to make larger, greater, or stronger;
enlarge; extend.

Communicating the right message to the world and your prospective audience can be a tough thing to achieve. That’s exactly where we come in. Our job is to put our creative and collective brainpower to work to generate ideas and tools that amplify the appropriate message to your target audience. We aim to help our clients cut through the competitive clutter to be heard and recognized. Focused on client partnerships, our value added communication service is targeted at helping you successfully achieve your determined corporate or project goals. With this in mind, we view our partnership as an effective investment in growth, rather than a simple corporate expense.

Whether you require a full marketing campaign, an online application, a print, branding, or a web related deliverable; we create and build ideas into solutions — with volume.

More About Us

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    Concord Consulting
    Concord Consulting

    Concord Consulting helps organizations grow their business, manage talent, and strategize for the future. By applying proven talent management strategies and advanced personality assessment technology, Concord has managed to help organizations create more productive work environments and achieve stronger, more sustainable results. We worked with Concord Consulting to rebrand their company and build a website that combined 3 previously separate websites for Concord and their developmental tools into one new website, which is now a highly functional and informative tool for existing and potential clients.

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    Firstline Training
    Firstline Training

    Firstline Training is a fitness facility in Sherwood Park that helps athletes and clients achieve their sport and fitness goals. Their services cater to the everyday client as well as athletes and sport teams from all skill levels. Firstline came to us for a website, branding refresh, custom photography to capture their facilities and clients, and a promotional video that shares the Firstline Training experience. The new website was developed as a tool to motivate people to start their fitness journey, share up to date information about their programs and sports camps, and connect with their clients through social media.

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    Tacten is the largest rope access service provider in North America, offering clients a variety of industrial services and access optimization techniques. Tacten asked us to take custom photography for use in upcoming print materials, as well as to create a dynamic and compelling video that provides their clients with an overview of their services. 

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    Estates at Waters Edge
    Estates at Waters Edge

    Located on the north shore of picturesque Lac Ste. Anne, only 45 minutes from Edmonton, the Estates at Waters Edge is a small lakefront community close enough to be a weekend retreat or a full-time residence. Waters Edge came to us looking for an update to their existing website in addition to custom photography, promotional and testimonial videos, and a branding refresh. They wanted a fresh look that highlighted the picturesque location, ample amenities and the families that call the Estates at Waters Edge home.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Focus: 4 ways to keep
    your mind

    When you work at a busy creative agency, things can get hectic. When I started working here at Pure Vision I developed a greater awareness of what works for me in terms of keeping my focus. I’ve created this list of things that I do or use in my life and at my job to battle the office buzz and find my focus.

    Will any of this apply to you? I honestly don’t know. Everyone has their own methods or style in which they work. But these work for me, so if anything I write here sounds familiar or interesting to you then maybe it’s worth checking it out.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Emoji ❤️ Part 2:
    Emojis in Marketing

    Marketing teams are finding more ways to include emojis than just using them in emails and tweets. Companies are incorporating emojis in a number of campaigns, to create stronger brand engagement with their target audience, appear more relatable, and create interest in their online campaigns. Many companies are using emojis online to generate buzz about upcoming events or products.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Emoji ❤️ Part 1:
    Why you should use

    These days emojis are everywhere. These small, letter-sized graphics used in online communication have become a cultural phenomenon, with emoji graphics adorning everything including jewelry, clothing,

  • Pure Vision Blog
    CreativeMornings Edmonton
    Edmonton: SHOCK‏

    CreativeMornings Edmonton has been on my radar for quite some time now so I was delighted when our two paths finally crossed. This month’s talk was by David Candler in his space at his contemporary art gallery dc3 Art Projects.

  • Pure Vision Blog

    Have you ever had that time when someone told you to use a better password using random letters and numbers and X amount characters long? Of course you have! We all have. This is something you will NEVER remember, annoying and very true. But there is some merit to this. So I thought I’d explain how most (not all) hackers get a hold of your password and why a strong password works.

    Let’s start with some basic terms: hashing and encryption. Hashing means you can take text and turn it into a completely new text string; however, you cannot return it back to its original string. Encryption means taking that exact same string and turning into a completely new text string but you can decrypt the string back to its original text. Why is this important? If you ever sign up for a new account and receive an email later with your password returned to you, this is a bad sign. This means the site you just signed up for is either storing your password in plain text or is only encrypting it. This is a huge red flag and you may want to think twice about signing up for this site.