AMPLIFY (verb):
to make larger, greater, or stronger;
enlarge; extend.

Communicating the right message to the world and your prospective audience can be a tough thing to achieve. That’s exactly where we come in. Our job is to put our creative and collective brainpower to work to generate ideas and tools that amplify the appropriate message to your target audience. We aim to help our clients cut through the competitive clutter to be heard and recognized. Focused on client partnerships, our value added communication service is targeted at helping you successfully achieve your determined corporate or project goals. With this in mind, we view our partnership as an effective investment in growth, rather than a simple corporate expense.

Whether you require a full marketing campaign, an online application, a print, branding, or a web related deliverable; we create and build ideas into solutions — with volume.

More About Us

  • &27_featuredphoto

    &27 (Ampersand 27) is a local restaurant that came to us with a vision and wanted help bringing it to life. The restaurant and its menus are are locally sourced and globally influenced, both traditional and trend-setting in nature. Chef Patron & Partner Nathin Bye went above and beyond the commitment to supporting local suppliers and artisans to the point where not only are the ingredients mostly local, but the dishes on the tables and the artwork on the walls are as well.

    The brand is a combination of traditional and modern Canadian-designed typefaces, which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the restaurant where refined elements are married with natural textures and finishes. Vintage woodcut illustrations were integrated throughout the menus and the website to add a quirky personality. This graphic style plays well with the custom oversized imagery featured prominently on the website to create a perfectly unique balance.

  • RC_Forever_homeFEATURE
    Rohit Communities Forever
    Rohit Communities Forever Home

    Rohit Communities, one of Edmonton and Fort McMurray’s leading home builders, was looking to update their branding story and marketing materials. They went through a complete redesign of their floor plans and product offerings and were looking to reflect these new products in the marketing. The campaign needed to position them as a premium builder that capitalizes on a diversified product line which caters to the needs of target demographics in every stage of life.

    A limited colour palette of white, grey and black with bold typography paired well with bright imagery to create a classic, high-end combination.

  • iShop4U_feature

    iShop4U provides Northern residents with goods that are not readily available in their community by shopping, sourcing and procuring the items that their customers require, and delivering everything directly to the customer. We worked with iShop4U to create a custom brand, printed materials, and a website that reflected the unique nature of their service in a corporate but approachable way.

    The brand emulates the shape of a 3D box, with one side created by type, and a second side created by two triangles that act as the folds of a cardboard box, or a ribbon marking an important package. The ribbon shape was carried throughout the marketing materials, including stickers for packaging, and in the menu on the website.

  • SN_feature
    The Support Network
    The Support Network

    The Support Network is the umbrella organization that overlooks the operations of the Crisis Support Centre, 211 Edmonton, Volunteer Edmonton and the Wellness Network. They approached us with the challenge of developing their 2013 Annual Report into an engaging and concise piece that would be fun and interesting on a budget.

    We went with a 4 page gatefold piece to display all of the required financials and messages, which allowed us to do something different and interesting with the stats on the inside. We came up with a concept that focused on the lifespan of a person and how TSN provides services/support for every stage in one’s lifetime. We conveyed this visually using a “Game of Life” inspired theme and carried that throughout the piece with illustrations and type.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Why Taylor Swift is a
    Marketing Genius

    Okay. So you read the title and you’re thinking, “What the… Taylor Swift?! Again?! I can’t escape this girl. I’m not reading this.” True, you can’t seem to escape Taylor Swift. She is currently on the cover of almost every magazine at the supermarket checkout and you can’t turn on the radio without hearing her new single ‘Shake It Off.’

     And now… she is living on the Pure Vision blog.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Trending: Online Videos
    and Brand Promotion

    We have been working on some really cool things over here at the headquarters of Pure Vision. Just when you think we had done it all, we have just started to take on the wonderful world of video, bringing it in house full time. They say a picture says a thousand words. Now, if there are 24 frames per second, then a minute of video is worth 1.4 million words! Imagine that kind of impact on your brand messaging.

    Not only can video add oomph to your brand, it can deliver a bang for your buck, which makes it a great option for small businesses. Video production costs have decreased dramatically over the years and can easily be shared for free (or nearly free) on social media. The recipe is simple, make an interesting enough video, and people will lovingly share this nugget of media with their friends and families.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Farewell Kim!

    At the end of August we said goodbye to Kim, one of our superstar graphic designers who took a leap of faith and started working full time at the gym that she owns with her husband, Movimento Fitness. Although we’re quite sad to see her go, we are also super excited for her, and we can’t wait to see Movimento Fitness continue to gain momentum and change lives!

    We wanted to give Kim something to remember us by, and nothing seemed more fitting than a composite photo of all of us, in our tightest and brightest workout gear. We put on our hard-core faces and got down and dirty with lunges, tension bands, sit-ups, arm curls, yoga, meditation, the Blades of Glory stretch, and a bit of jiu jitsu.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    PV_FUN_DAY-11 copy
    The Long Awaited PV Fun

    Last Wednesday, we finally partook in our long awaited PV Fun Day. It all started back in August when everyone in the office received an invite to the mysterious PV Fun Day. There was little to no information on the Fun Day, aside from the fact that it was going to be AWESOME! Over time, strange phone calls were received, followed by much whispering for the planning of PV Fun Day.

    It stayed a total surprise until a few days before so proper attire could be chosen. Here’s what our Fun Day entailed!

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Infographic Awesomeness
    & Wearable Tech

    In the past year I’ve become very involved in my personal health and fitness. Turns out you feel better when you take care of yourself. As a kid I always thought the phrase “you are what you eat” meant turning orange if I ate too many carrots. I’ve upped my carrot consumption and I’m proud to report I am not orange.

    To help me along the way and keep track of my progress I bought a handy little piece of wearable tech called a FitBit. In its simplest form the FitBit is a glorified pedometer, but it does so much more than count steps like the “toy” you got in a box of Frosted Flakes. The FitBit has the ability to track your steps, flights of stairs climbed, water consumed, calories in and out, distance traveled and even your sleep. There are many other pedometer products available, you may be familiar with the popular Nike Fuel Band, but I chose the FitBit One because you don’t have to wear it on your wrist (I hate wearing watches).