AMPLIFY (verb):
to make larger, greater, or stronger;
enlarge; extend.

Communicating the right message to the world and your prospective audience can be a tough thing to achieve. That’s exactly where we come in. Our job is to put our creative and collective brainpower to work to generate ideas and tools that amplify the appropriate message to your target audience. We aim to help our clients cut through the competitive clutter to be heard and recognized. Focused on client partnerships, our value added communication service is targeted at helping you successfully achieve your determined corporate or project goals. With this in mind, we view our partnership as an effective investment in growth, rather than a simple corporate expense.

Whether you require a full marketing campaign, an online application, a print, branding, or a web related deliverable; we create and build ideas into solutions — with volume.

More About Us

  • SN_feature
    The Support Network
    The Support Network

    The Support Network is the umbrella organization that overlooks the operations of the Crisis Support Centre, 211 Edmonton, Volunteer Edmonton and the Wellness Network. They approached us with the challenge of developing their 2013 Annual Report into an engaging and concise piece that would be fun and interesting on a budget.

    We went with a 4 page gatefold piece to display all of the required financials and messages, which allowed us to do something different and interesting with the stats on the inside. We came up with a concept that focused on the lifespan of a person and how TSN provides services/support for every stage in one’s lifetime. We conveyed this visually using a “Game of Life” inspired theme and carried that throughout the piece with illustrations and type.

  • MC_feature
    Mosaic Centre
    Mosaic Centre

    Mosaic Centre, a future work space imagined and created by Mosaic Family of Companies, will be a beautiful, environmentally friendly and positive energy environment for building occupants, people working at neighbouring businesses and residents of the surrounding community to enjoy and recharge in. Our client wanted a logo and a unique website to document the process of building the Mosaic Centre as they strive to achieve LEED Platinum status once the project is complete. The main goals of the website are to engage the community, teach those interested in the process of building a green commercial space, and spread the message that sustainable business is possible.

    The logo is a continuation of the branding we developed for Mosaic Family of Companies, with a new colour applied to the accompanying title “Centre” to differentiate the different divisions.

  • APEX_Feature
    Apex Contracting
    Apex Contracting

    Apex Contracting, a commercial construction and renovation general contractor, wanted an updated website, brochure and custom photography to capture the high quality of their work and attract new clients. Working predominantly in the restaurant industry for clients such as Boston Pizza, Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s and more, we coordinated custom photo shoots at restaurant locations throughout the Edmonton area, and used the new photographs to enhance their branding story. The website and brochure were both designed with a high contrast, industrial feeling and an emphasis on large-scale photography. Oversized typography was used dynamically to create texture and contrast.

  • Lindisfarne_feature
    Lindisfarne Productions
    Lindisfarne Productions

    Lindisfarne Productions wanted to update their current website in order to properly showcase their client projects, as well as provide insight into their youthful and fun corporate culture. They wanted a balanced graphical treatment that was professional and contemporary in order to appeal to their broad spectrum of clients, ranging from corporate and government accounts to not-for-profit clients. By including dynamic video clips on the home page and large-scale detailed photography of the video production process throughout the website, we could give viewers a glimpse into a day in the life of Lindisfarne. They also wanted a responsive website that would display effortlessly on all hand-held devices. Extensive testing during the development stage ensured that the website functioned properly on all sizes of monitors.

  • santas_feature
    Santas Anonymous
    Santas Anonymous

    Santas Anonymous is a charity whose focus and mission is to ensure that all children, regardless of situation or family income, receive a gift from “Santa” on Christmas morning. The Santas Anonymous website is a fully customized WordPress content managed site that highlights the charity’s mission and history, but also acts as a invaluable resource for recruiting volunteers and providing the public with information regarding donations. We were faced with the challenge of not only providing a festive and user-friendly front-end to the public, but also allowing for easy updates through the content-managed backend, which would primarily be used by a team of volunteers. We decided to use playful, custom illustrations throughout the site, which reflects the child-like magic of Christmas and Santa’s workshop in the North Pole, but also ensures that the focus of the organization is never lost, no matter what area of the site you’re on.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    An Introduction to Type

    Some people like to look at fancy sports cars, elaborate houses or sparkly diamonds. I like to look at type. I’m the designer nerd who sits in movies and tells people what typeface the credits are in, or opens up a menu at a restaurant and complains about the lack of good design. Apologies to all my friends and family – I just can’t help it. While I may love typography, not everyone shares the same passion as I do. So I thought, “Why not give a taste of design to our clients and non-designer friends?”

  • Pure Vision Blog
    The World of Wes

    I’ve harboured a love of films directed by Wes Anderson for a long time. They are perfectly quirky, whimsical, comical, and filled to the brim with endearing characters. They are often melancholy and awkward, yet they are always unique and beautiful. It’s definitely a bonus that most of Anderson’s films are brought to life by a shortlist of talented actors including Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman and Adrien Brody. Perfection!

    What I love most about Wes Anderson’s films is the level of attention paid to overall visual design. Every detail (including colour palettes, use of light, architecture, costuming, set design, typography, printed ephemera and the composition of every single frame) is carefully considered, to the point where the overall design becomes a character in and of itself. The most recent Anderson film, The Grant Budapest Hotel, was no exception. I was completely enraptured and delightfully immersed in the world that Wes Anderson created, and was sad to leave when it was over. It was visually stunning – from the decadently pink Grand Budapest hotel itself down to the last postage stamp affixed to a brown paper parcel, everything was expertly crafted to bring the fictional country of Zubrowka to life.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Tools I Can't Live
    Without... Web Dev
    Sublime Text

    I find I can equate text editors to being in a relationship someone.

    I use to be a nuts about Dreamweaver, I would go around telling everyone how awesome it was and how it changed my life. I knew there were going issues right from the start, but the relationship was so new and full of excitement, that I could live them. We would hang out a local coffee shops(coding) and stay up to all ends of the night, staring at each other(coding).

  • Pure Vision Blog
    john hancock
    Is cursive writing

    School boards across the U.S. and Canada have recently decided to remove cursive writing from their curriculum – for good. In an age of computers and texting, it was decided that the skill of penmanship is just not required. So it is only a matter of time before an entire generation of adults do not even know what “cursive” writing means. Could it end up being confused with curse-writing… like F&C% and #@%^??

    How will you sign your John Hancock? Gone will be that identifying and unique signature you could proudly put on contracts, passports, and legal documents.

  • Pure Vision Blog
    Let's get organized!

    Let’s talk about goals for a second. (and completely ignore that I sadly was the first person to miss my blog week deadline, better late than never right?) Early this year us folks here at PV all got together and set out goals for ourselves both personal and corporate. One of my goals was to get better organized and improve team communication on projects.

    * Back Story * A couple years ago we developed what we called the “Project Wall of Awesomeness” to get a better handle of all PV projects going on, their status and who was responsible for what.