Focus: 4 ways to keep your

When you work at a busy creative agency, things can get hectic. When I started working here at Pure Vision I developed a greater awareness of what works for me in terms of keeping my focus. I’ve created this list of things that I do or use in my life and at my job to battle the office buzz and find my focus.

Will any of this apply to you? I honestly don’t know. Everyone has their own methods or style in which they work. But these work for me, so if anything I write here sounds familiar or interesting to you then maybe it’s worth checking it out.

Emoji ❤️ Part 2: Emojis in

Marketing teams are finding more ways to include emojis than just using them in emails and tweets. Companies are incorporating emojis in a number of campaigns, to create stronger brand engagement with their target audience, appear more relatable, and create interest in their online campaigns. Many companies are using emojis online to generate buzz about upcoming events or products.

Emoji ❤️ Part 1: Why you
should use emojis

These days emojis are everywhere. These small, letter-sized graphics used in online communication have become a cultural phenomenon, with emoji graphics adorning everything including jewelry, clothing,